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Release 2.1.2 2002-October-16
  • Finished porting paxyroj algorithm to the new version
    (2002-Jun-08 - krico & alex)
  • Refactoring of the screens to ease user's life since they are now referenced by department.
    (2002-Jun-08 - krico & alex)
  • Administrator can now view partial pooling results
    (2002-Jun-08 - krico)
  • Pools made per department
    (2002-Jun-06 - alex)
  • Fixed (finished for ext user) paxyroj importer/exporter
    (2002-Jun-06 - alex)
  • Extensive tests + code walkthru for new extended user
    (2002-May-20 - krico & alex)
  • Created indexes for schema.xml
    (2002-May-17 - krico)
  • All templates are localized
    (2002-May-12 - krico)
  • choices weights are selectable
    (2002-May-11 - krico)
  • course_required and course_elective were refactored into one table course_discipline
    (2002-May-09 - krico)
  • Default teacher capabilities should be both grad and post-grad disciplines. Therefore departments that were beeing duplicated, are now one and only one department.
    (2002-May-09 - krico)
  • Populator was removed from application path. It is not included on the distrubution and is only used as a build tool.
    (2002-May-09 - krico)
  • Repository was cleaned up for files included by tdk that were not longer needed
    (2002-May-09 - krico)
  • Professor periods are now marked as:
    • -1 - impossible
    • 0 - indiferent (default for all periods)
    • 1 - undiserable
    • 2 - desirable

    (2002-May-08 - krico)
  • Administrator can be for a department
    (2002-May-08 - krico)
  • System now utilizes an XpuspUser (extended from TurbineUser)
    (2002-May-08 - krico)
  • System internals have been localized
    (2002-May-07 - krico)
  • There is a structure for different implementations of solution now.
    (2002-May-07 - krico)
  • System is now i18n localizable
    (2002-Mar-25 - alex)

Bugs fixed
  • The xml documents that generated the site now have their dtds declares so that they can be validated
    (2002-Mar-25 - krico)

Release 2.1.1 2002-March-23
  • Default capabilities for professors added to a unit can be configured
    (2002-Mar-23 - krico)
  • There is a new search engine capable of searching:
    - Disciplines by name
    - Disciplines by code
    - Courses by name
    - Departments by name
    - Departments by code
    - Units by name
    (2002-Mar-22 - krico)
  • DoubleDisciplines (ie: disciplines that can be taught simultaneously) can be set up admin
    (2002-Mar-22 - krico)
  • A UserList is avaliable to the administrator
    (2002-Mar-21 - krico)
  • Professor and Admnistrator can be edited and removed by the admin (via userlist)
    (2002-Mar-21 - krico)
  • Passwords are encrypted
    (2002-Mar-21 - krico)
  • DisciplineSelector is used in ProfessorCapability so that he can add capability disciplines from other units
    (2002-Mar-20 - krico)
  • A DisciplineSelector has been created and adds disciplines to a shoping-kart like structure
    (2002-Mar-20 - krico)
  • ProfessorPeriod are now editable (krico 19 Mar 2002)
    (2002-Mar-19 - krico)
  • ProfessorCapables/ProfessorChoices have their nr_students editable
    (2002-Mar-19 - krico)
  • ProfessoCapables can be edited
    (2002-Mar-19 - krico)
  • ProfessoChoices can be edited
    (2002-Mar-19 - krico)
  • It is now possible to insert administrators
    (2002-Mar-08 - krico)
  • It is now possible to insert professors
    (2002-Mar-07 - krico)
  • Poolresults are calculated
    (2002-Mar-05 - krico)
  • Poolresults link chooses year first
    (2002-Mar-05 - krico)

Bugs fixed
  • Professor is now able to choose free semesters
    (2002-Mar-22 - krico)
  • When a ProfessorCapable is removed, if there is a ProfessorChoice related to that capable, it is removed too
    (2002-Mar-21 - krico)
  • The student list and the student preferences was opened to any user, now it is restricted to the administrator role.
    (2002-Mar-06 - krico)
  • There was a problem with the FenixPopulator and some of the disciplines where missing. We found out that the method that parsed the areas of fenix, was skiping every other area.
    (2002-Mar-06 - krico)

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