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XPUSP or Extreme Programing University Schedule Planner is a school schedule creation web application.

It was born as a XP course project. The course took place at IME, the Institue of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sao Paulo (USP). And occured during the second semester of 2001. Whe even assume it was the first Extreme Programming course in latin america.

After the course was over, the program wasn't yet finished and some scholarships where offered to finish the project. That's exactly what we are doing!

relese 2.1.1
    krico - 2002-03-23 09:47   -   University Schedule Planner
This is the first (turbine) release of xpusp package. It's source
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WebSite updated
    krico - 2002-03-23 09:43   -   University Schedule Planner
A totaly new website has been created for version 2.1
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New turbine version
    krico - 2002-02-19 11:22   -   University Schedule Planner
The xpusp project is beeing merged to turbine 2.x. There is a new repository xpusp-turbine
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The Extreme Programming course finished...
    krico - 2001-12-13 03:12   -   University Schedule Planner
This is almost sad. The xpusp project was born as a project for a class of students taking the extreme programming class in the Institute of Mathematics and statistics of the University of São Paulo. And this course if over... So most members have no obligation to continue working on the project. I (krico) am the only one who needs to continue. The project will be changing a bit now. But the course was fun!
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release 0.1-1
    alex_freire - 2001-12-10 04:32   -   University Schedule Planner
Finally we have released version 0.1
All site structure and logic are finished.
We hope to finish the algorithm soon so we can get release 0.2 out!
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8 Hours of programming
    krico - 2001-11-24 15:35   -   University Schedule Planner
Alex and krico programed for 8 hours using vnc today!
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Release 0.0-0
    alex_freire - 2001-10-11 11:33   -   University Schedule Planner
We finally relesead our first working verion of the interface.
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CVS repository created
    krico - 2001-08-30 06:52   -   University Schedule Planner
I just created the repository with a basic build.xml and one junit
test. to checkout the files just type:
cvs checkout xpusp
All developer registered and Site Published
    krico - 2001-08-29 07:44   -   University Schedule Planner
All six developers are finally registered!!!
The first version of the site has been published.
If you are a developer, you should checkout the Members Only area on the site
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